"Basics" by William Ranger

Basics first.

You are already unique, as is every other being.

You are already an aspect of everything, as is every other being.

Your path, no matter how similar it may seem on the surface, will never be exactly what anyone else’s will be, is, has been.
Beyond that, you can shine with brilliance in your chosen environment. Almost no one there uses the essential relationships of life, simultaneously.

It's not as hard as it seems, if you are willing to learn what everybody already knows in bits, and pieces.

You can learn it, and use it, in a compact form so it can infuse your life with wisdom, and awareness.

Anyone can become much more effective, and make better use of the inherent capacities.


Base yourself on what is true for anyone, anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances.

Then you can build your personal set of responses and be consistent with reality.

There will be fewer collisions.

There are enough people to supply exercises, to do lists, and concepts.

The biggest interference in how people use their abilities is controlled by emotional memories.

The bedrock of reality is a set of simple to explain, yet difficult to accept realities. They are simple because that is the nature of fundamentals.

They are hard to accept because they bypass, and challenge, so many assumptions to which we are habituated.

This is a starter description

These are simple statements of life aspect known to everyone, and often ignored, or taken partially. Ignoring any basic aspect of life creates problems. Nature doesn’t like to be ignored, and bites. Here is a list with the Japanese pronunciation of the one-word Chinese description.

- Life is better when you pay attention. Don’t get lost in a fog of distractions. Nam

- You are unique, and so is every other being. Ho

- You are an aspect of everything, and so is every other being. Myo

- Some know quite a bit. Some know very little, and some are in love with the bits they know.

- Causes produce effects, for all of us. Sometimes the effects are not obvious. nRenge

- Lives change, Yet, Life goes on. Kyo

Those who keep these simple realities in mind, simultaneously, will have fewer accidents, and be able to develop better lives.

These consistently real truths are intuitively obvious, yet we often forget one, or more, when we react. Our emotional past, and the inherited tendencies from our ancestors get in the way of currently practical, rational thought.

We can protect our good sense when we make efforts to infuse these fundamentals into our lives. The infusion is easier when the basic reality is packaged conveniently into six words. (Nam Myoho Renge Kyo). They are spoken in the language of the founder, Nichiren of thirteenth century Japan.

Nichiren was highly controversial in his day [14]:77[15]:1 and was known for preaching that the Lotus Sutra alone contains the highest truth of Buddhist teachings and represents the effective teaching for the Third Age of Buddhism. He declared that social and political peace are dependent on the quality of the belief system that is upheld in a nation. He advocated the repeated recitation of the Sutra's title, Nam(u)-myoho-renge-kyo. In addition, he held that the historical Shakyamuni Buddha was the manifestation of a Buddha-nature that is equally accessible to all. He insisted that those who claim to be believers of the Sutra must propagate it even in the face of persecution.

SOURCE: https://controlsyou.quora.com/Basics
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