June 2018

"A Good Conversation" by Keith Basar

A good conversation can be quite rare.
It's beauty is it's own nature — thoroughly organic. Read More...

"Blindness" by Bei Kuan-tu

As a war-weary soul
pursues some form of finality,
the Light,
that lit the hearts of humans 
fell prey to sadistic shadows.

"What the Mystics Know — Seven Pathways to Your Deeper Self" (excerpt) by Richard Rohr

"Once upon a time, a small Jewish boy went to his rabbi and said he didn't know how to love God. 'How can I love God when I've never seen him?' asked the boy. 'I think I understand how to love my mother, my father, my brother, my little sister, and even the people in our neighborhood, but I don't know how I'm supposed to love God.' Read More...

"Real Spiritual Journey" by Fr. Thomas Keating

“Hence, it's obvious to see why in AA the community is so important; we are powerless over ourselves. Since we don't have immediate awareness of the Higher Power and how it works, we need to be constantly reminded of our commitment to freedom and liberation. Read More...