May 2019

"No-Mind" by Sokei-an Sasaki

One day I wiped out all the notions from my mind. I gave up all desire. I discarded all the words with which I thought and stayed in quietude. I felt a little queer—as if I were being carried into something, or as if I were touching some power unknown to me . . . and Ztt! I entered. I lost the boundary of my physical body. I had my skin, of course, but I felt I was standing in the center of the cosmos. I spoke, but my words had lost their meaning. I saw people coming towards me, but all were the same man. All were myself! I had never known this world. I had believed that I was created, but now I must change my opinion: I was never created; I was the cosmos; no individual Mr. Sasaki existed.7

~ Sokei-an Sasaki

SOURCE: “The Transcendental World,” Zen Notes, vol. 1, no. 3. First Zen Institute of America. New York, 1954.

"Basics" by William Ranger

Basics first.

You are already unique, as is every other being.

You are already an aspect of everything, as is every other being.

Your path, no matter how similar it may seem on the surface, will never be exactly what anyone else’s will be, is, has been. Read More...

"What Unveiling Your Spiritual Truth Actually Means + Why It's Necessary" by Christine Hassler

When you were born, you were completely aware of the following Truths:

You are whole and complete. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are worthy and deserving. You are a spiritual being having a human experience. You can trust the Universe. All there is and all that matters is Love. You are love. Read More...

"Perfect Nose" - by Keith Basar

Through my eyes I see mystique and courage;
A sturdiness in character and resolve.
Acute angles emanate an inner confidence
and a valorous strength
like an invincible warrior of old.

The defining lines speak of determination,
and your thoughtful side.

It’s sensual presence glows
with glamour, beauty and grace
And the shape is one that mesmerizingly allures
even with the most hurried of looks.

Most of all it speaks of your immeasurable femininity
intuitiveness and gentleness of heart.
Most certainly a gift from above.

How I adore your nose

© 2012 Keith Basar All Rights Reserved

"Spiritual Truths" by Steve Frazee

At we monitor the Internet for references to and the phrase “Spiritual But Not Religious”. Periodically, when we find an article about or the SBNR community that is materially incorrect or confusing, I make a comment in an effort to promote misunderstanding.  Typically my posts include four main points: Read More...

"Full Realization of the Holy" - Jeannie Zandi

There is nothing sweeter than sitting with another human being or beings in the full realization of the Holy, looking into their eyes, simply and fully here. I invite you for a moment to picture and invoke the highest beauty you have experienced in the company of another being. To seed yourself with the possibility of this deep sweetness, whether it’s invoked by a cat, a child, a friend, a lover or a teacher. In my experience, the deepest beauty in relating occurs when we stop and rest in presence, and the two-ness is dissolved in the light of shared being. With this taste of sweetness, let yourself rest into the ground and abide in being, allowing your system to picture this sweet otherness as you directly experience grounding in your own sovereign, felt existence.