Aeterna Lumen

"The Essence of a Life" by Aeterna Lumen

A child
Kicked, battered and bruised
Innocence stolen far too early
Are some paths truly destined for this?

“New Life” by Aeterna Lumen

--”Spring”by Jonah Lisa Land

The images of my past are swiftly being left behind as I travel into a new day. I lived in a “zombie” state for many years, allowing life to beat me down as I watched others live and breathe, my own death closing in on me. Sleep blanketed my thoughts and I hid underneath the covers to escape the sad reality of my truth in this time of struggle and complacency. I believed my days of creativity, growth, and personal joys were over. I gave my time and lifeblood to soothe and strengthen others. Somewhere in the process I forgot what my life was about.

Now, in this time of autumn as the leaves reach full blazing color, and the rain gently washes them away from their branches, I become fully aware of the steps I have so carefully taken to be free. Free of the dogma of ritualistic religion. Free of relationships that seek to harm and use me up. Free of a profession that had no respect for brilliant minds and full-service hearts. These leaves of my life are being swept away by the wind and rain, leaving my branches bare of the burdens inflicted on me by my own poor choices.

Now, I stand at the crossroads of my purpose and my truth. I choose to follow the path of an authentic life. I empty my mind of self-destructive thoughts leaving room for inspiration, confidence, and the voices of strength and light. My present path may look unwise and uncertain to those who live in fear, while others applaud my efforts and look beyond the futile comforts of a material world. Though my branches may look weathered and worn, devoid of life and color, the core of my trunk is solid and true. There is now room for fresh growth and transformation will surely show its source in the coming spring of my life. Underneath blankets of snow this coming winter I will grow, forming new buds and branches, which will flourish with unknown intensity in the coming years. What has died will now produce regenerated life and beauty. As life imitates nature, the tender buds will open displaying genuine color and shine. This new life will be mine. I pray for wisdom as I choose the colors to decorate the branches of my life.

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“Blessing” by Aeterna Lumen


This is a union of souls, and hearts, and time. Whispers of the universe swirling and colliding until the particles finally configure and align. Lessons are learned as we travel this world. We can travel the perimeter or take the plunge into the center to seek and understand its core.

She walks in beauty as the night leaving behind trails and trials that encouraged her to take this flight. Time is a healer and a friend if one would take its hand. She has examined the fire, taken its energy, and found its source, unplanned.

He walked the road of good intentions and spiritual desire. Playing with shadows that could not adequately fulfill or truly inspire the deeper intellect needed to connect. His illuminating spirit could not find true peace or pure respect. So, he chose a path that turned away, eventually leading him to this promised day.

How little we know and understand why moments in our lives occur. Years and decades later those whispers of the universe may, again, collide to cause our earthly particles to conjure and concur. Such moments are often forgotten, unnoticed and unsung, but when awakened to the light some greater meaning can become astoundingly powerful and clear!

Now they walk together, hand in hand, and heart to heart. Naked, fully exposed, they choose to make their start. Not so much a new start but a continuum in time. May all their days be sweet, gentle and sublime.