Doreen Davis

DANCE by Doreen Davis

by Doreen Davis

Dancer of Lies, what are you telling me?
“Keep dancing.
Dance around the truth.
Dance this way and that.
Dance until you are exhausted.”

Dear Soul, what are you telling me?
“Keep dancing.
Dance into the truth.
Dance to your heart’s beat, the earth’s pulse,
            to God’s breath.
Dance your imprint on cave walls and forest floors.
Dance into the light that surrounds your crown.
            Let it lift you,
And dance your spirit into the heavens.
Dance until your heart sparkles.

Dance until you awaken to your Divine Perfection.”

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"Surrender" by Doreen Davis

---“Letting Go” by Connie Chadwell

Surrender to Spirit,
          not to form and objects
            whose heaviness feigns fullness,
But to timeless Spirit
            which lifts and lightens in its wholeness.

Surrender to Vision,
            not to vision that comes from eyes
            and sees facades,
But to sacred Vision
            that looks past chaos to perfection.

Surrender to this Day,
            not to days past and future
            which lead astray,
But to this Moment
            which brings certainty and stability.

Surrender to the Creator,
            not to the unconscious self
            that vainly seeks contentment,
But to God
            Who holds the door open, waiting.

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"Uni-Verse" by Doreen Davis


One Song.

Sense the rhythms of the Earth.
Place your feet upon her heart
and let your blood pulse to her tempo.

Feel the chants in winds and waters echo.

Search for melodies in stars and space –
Heaven’s notes infuse your Soul.

Angels whisper lyrics.
Do you hear them?

Listen to your brother’s song, your sister’s key
and sing the harmony.

Perceive the perfect pitch within you
and sing out loud and clear.

You are
The One Song.

The Universe.

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Perceptions by Doreen Davis

On this morning of stark contrasts

Branches and brambles
     confess their strong, swarthy hues
     beneath a gentle, snowy cloak

As smoky-gray clouds at the horizon
     attempt to mask
     the promise of today’s sunshine.

On this morning of stark contrasts
     I remember 
     that beauty colors both light and dark.

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