William Martin

"Putting It All Together" from The Sage's Tao Te Ching — William Martin

Many in our culture
regard youth as good
and old age as bad.
But is this true?…  

"Agents of Grace" by William Martin

The sage can find a welcome
in the most inhospitable places
because no one perceives a threat.

“Every Ordinary Moment” by William Martin

“Every Ordinary Moment”

We are learning to distinguish
between true and false power.
We see the clamoring of the young
for wealth and position
and we sadly smile and shake our heads.
We are less attached to our possessions and no longer dominated by great ambition. We are not enslaved by our desires and therefore not as vulnerable to the schemes of others.
Our thoughts are becoming clearer,
and our needs are becoming more simple.
Enough to eat,
a comfortable bed,
and the glow of friendship
suffice to delight us.

Isn't it wonderful to have friends visit
and to talk of gentle, hopeful things?
How pleasant to enjoy the aroma of morning coffee
and a sip of sherry before bed.
We have earned the right
to enjoy every ordinary moment.


"A Passion Not Tamed By Words" — (excerpt from) The Couples Tao Te Ching by William Martin

Painting by Lauri Blank

Spinning words together to create vows
will not unite two souls.
Pouring over words in marriage manuals
will not pour spirit into a relationship.
Words may speak of love
but they cannot create it.

The union of one soul with another
is born of a passion that must not be tamed by words.
Let your words be tools of this passion,
not barriers to it.

Words emerging from love's furnace
will be few but powerful.
A few words of understanding
may heal a wounded heart.
A few words of wisdom
may comfort a lonely soul.
A few words of sensuous longing
may kindle love's embraces.

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